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Inox Camlock Fittings

We offer the best quality inox camlock fittings,Aluminum Camlock Coupling,Brass Camlock Coupling,PP Camlock Coupling,Fire Hose Coupling,Storz Coupling etc.

Ball Valves

We have more than 50 years in producing the top quality ball valves such as:Ball Valve With Mounting Pad.Flanged Valve .Check Valve .Spring Valve etc.

Pipe Fittings

We possess the most capacities to manufacture and customtop quality pipe fittingssuch as TB.HB.HN.BN.SPE.BN.WN and so on.

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Chemical Industry

Water Industry

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Mechanical Industrial

Why Choose US

We provide all kinds of top quality pipe fittings to suit all your specific requirements and needs. Serving many customers all around the world, our industrial fittings stand out from our competitors. Besides excellent quality, we have competitive prices. Being passionate about offering 100% customer satisfying , our main goal is to help our target market find excellent products at an incredible place.

Best Quality

Our factory construction area of 20,000 sq. m., we have a multi-functional valve inspection system, intelligent test center, and world-class production equipment.

Best Price

We have many factories around the world, we can offer top quality products with best price, we have established long-term cooperation with many customers around the world.

Best Service

We offer professional customer service. Our main goal in conducting our business is to provide you the highest level of satisfaction and happiness when it comes to your needs.

Quality Inox Camlock Fittings,Coupling,Pipe Fittings-BR INDUSTRY CO.,LTD

BR INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Is The World’s Leading Fittings Manufacture And Export Trading Company. We Offer Top Quality Camlock Hose Couplings,Pipe Connectors, Valves, Flange Ball Valve, Press Fittings Etc.
We provide all kinds of pipe fittings to suit all your specific requirements and needs. The quality of our products stand out from our competitors. Except top quality, we also have competitive prices. Being passionate about offering 100% satisfying customer service, our main goal is to help our targeted market find excellent products at an incredible place.
Regardless of the application, whether fluid, air, or gas transfer, all our pipe fittings, and other products are easy to use, flexible, and versatile without a doubt. Despite the complex competition, we remain on top. A lot of people in aerospace, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, HVAC, and environmental water treatment industries stay loyal to us.
All of the achievements we acquired for the past few years guarantee the high quality of service, amazing customer satisfaction, and affordable prices. But it is normal to hold back working with us. To give you peace of mind, below are the other reasons why you should choose our Camlock fittings over the others.

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